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21 October 2007

Vladisvar Nadishana (Germany)
[world music]

Vladiswar Nadishana is a siberian multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording producer and instrument designer, who creates his own unique approach to music, web design , dance and videoart.

Nadishana works in direction of ethnic fusion, ethnic jazz or world fusion. His music is based on creative synthesis of different musical traditions of the world on the basis of contemporary technologies. V. Nadishana plays on more than 100 instruments of the world, including self-created.

He elaborates the unique playing technique on each of his instruments and his own approach to advanced digital audio editing called "sound microsurgery".

In 1990 along with studying in Sankt-Petersburg V. Nadishana began his self-education in playing guitar. Then he became seriously interested in ethnic music and mastered himself other instruments: sitar, mandola, chanzy, bouzouki, jew's harp, kou xiang, khomus, morsing, ethnic percussion (darabuka, djembe, kalangu, udu, cajon, frame drums, berimbao); winds (bansuri, quena, overtone flutes, kalyuka, zhaleyka, gayda, hu-lu-si, duduk, bawu, tsaaj nplaim), fretless bass. Besides he has created some experimental musical instruments: dzuddahord, pruzhingum, plastrimbaphon, rablorrum, ghostcatcher, pin-sansa, rod-spring gamelan, banbang etc.

During his living in Cheremshanka village (South of Siberia) V. Nadishana established "Sound Microsurgery Department" (SMD). SMD is a creative research laboratory handling a wide variety of projects: from mastering unknown ancient musical instruments to elaborating new creative methods of work with digital audio. SMD researches also how musical instruments influence the consciousness and inner organs of the human body (the project "Move Your Chakra!").

at Sound Microsurgery

Russian - Tuvinian Karma Knot

Nadishana renovated and developed the playing technique on several instruments. In fact some of them were museum pieces and he gave them a new birth. For example he developed the tradition of playing on russian overtone flute kalyuka and enhanced it's construction. He also has elaborated a new approach of playing on chinese kou xiang and jew's harp sets and has incorporated very rare Hmong free reed flute tsaaj nplaim into ethno-jazz arrangements etc.

Using a multi-track overdubbing method V. Nadishana created some solo albums in his own studio.
V. Nadishana possesses a huge collection of musical instruments (more than 100) from different parts of the world.

Since 2005 Nadishana lives in Berlin where he works at several projects. The main of them are:
4th Race trio (,
the band which is playing modern ethnic music
and the solo programm,
in which he presents about 20 rare ethnic instruments of the world.

There are some artists Nadishana worked with:

Kuzhebar Design (Russia - Siberia)
David Kuckhermann (Germany)
Kelpie (Germany)
Norland Wind (Germany)
DJ Genetic Drugs (Germany)
Kalimat Trio (Israel - Russia)
Russian - Tuvinian Karma Knot (Tuva - Russia)
Ensemble Ri (Russia)
Capercaillies at the Treshold of Eternity (Russia)
Mehi (India)
Paul Lawler (England)
Phonic Duet (Russia)
Siobhan Donaghy (England)
James Sanger (France)
Kit Walker (USA)
Wolfgang Stindl (Ikarus project) (Austria)
Earritation (Germany)
Marion Kokott (Germany)
Kailash Kokopelli (Germany)
Ramesh Weeratunga (Sri Lanka)

You can hear the examples of Nadishana's work with these artists on Collaboration page.

Nadishana is the laureate of some international festivals of ethnic music: "Ustuu-Huree", "The Sayan Ring" and "New Songs of the Old Lands" etc. He is also the founder of the ethnofestival "Free of Karma Zone".

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