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The 1st International Festival of Joint Projects
The conceptual idea of the Festival’s program consists in presentation of theatre projects, being a result of cooperation of several creative groups. The traditional and customary forms of art, such as performance, musical composition, choreography, art exhibition, poetic text or prose taken in unusual and unexpected combinations can create a new language, new perception, discover a new sense and  form a new artistic synthesis. This orientation of creative search represents a most interesting part of modern artistic creation.
The main purpose of the Festival is to attract attention to the most interesting  and successful joint  staging productions and art projects, implying the spirit of creative search  and experiment. The Festival’s objective is to promote such cooperation and establishment of creative contacts between various creative groups.
Thus, the festival “Amplitude” will become a unique stage where classic and modern art amateurs will be able to familiarize themselves with the best joint projects  and their creators will get an opportunity to show their work to а vast viewing audience.
The first Festival “Amplitude”  will be held during the whole season of 2007-2008, and in the future it is planned to hold it once in a year in autumn.

   Festival program

Performance-nominee to the National Award «GOLDENMASK - 2007»
The Theatre Center «Na Strastnom»
25 September 2007
Beginning at  19-00
Music by  Е.Fomin, text by Y.Knyazhin

Participants in the Project:
Chamber music group OPUS-POSTH (Т.Grindenko),
Moscow theatre «SHADOW» (I.Epelbaum, M.Krasnopolskaya)

The project represents a new trend in modern musical and stage production culture oriented to a dialogue with various trends and concepts.
        The action is based on the ancient Greek myth about the power and the weakness of human love which can change even a human predestination. The literary part of the action includes original texts of  the ancient myth in translation of Knyazhin (XVIII century). The musical part is based on the materials of the first experience of naïve Russian Mysticism of E.Fomin.
        The use of the latest and archaic musical means (ballet, musical instruments, video, computers, karaoke etc.) experimental theatre set design, use of techniques of  the theatre of shadows, versatile use of musicians turns this action into a powerful cultural emotional experience.

In commemoration of the 35th anniversary
of the Dmitri POKROVSKY Ensemble
The Theatre Center «Na Strastnom»
29 September 2007
Beginning at 19-00
Music by V.Martynov, texts by V.Chlebnikov and water nymphs’ songs from “Legends of Russian people” by I.Sacharov

Participants in the Project:
The Dmitri POKROVSKY Ensemble (directed by  М.Nefedova and О.Yukecheva)
Chamber music group OPUS-POSTH (Т.Grindenko)
A timeless character typical of folklore, peculiar to this composition as well: ritual action forming in itself a space, without dividing between the lyrics, singing, dansing and play  and having temporal bounds... Vocal parts are performed by the group of Dmitry POKROVSKY, whereas the instrumental parts   - by chamber music group of Tatyana GRINDENKO «OPUS POSTH».
In this monumental work avant-garde, minimalism, ethnic Russian folklore and even influences of jazz and art-rock have organically blended with each other. «THE NIGNT IN GALICIA»  was composed in 1996 in a new hitherto non-existent genre, lying in the border line between opera, cantata and music drama.
The premiere of the performance “THE NIGHT IN GALICIA” took place on 8th of January 2003  in the Chaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow, Russia. Afterwards  the performance was repeatedly and with great success presented to  public both in the Russian Federation and at European musical festivals.

At present a program of forthcoming meetings in the framework of the First International Festival “Amplitude” is being formed. At these meetings there will be presented  some projects with participation of such eminent groups, musicians, artists and writers as Jivan Gasparyan, group «ZGA» of Nikolay Sudnik (Saint-Petersburg), Leonid Fyodorov (Auction), Alexey Aighi and the group «4:33», Paul Winter (USA), А. Pospelov, V.Tarasov, V.Volkov, Min Tanaka (Japan), М. Pekarsky, L.Petrushavskaya. The audience and the guests of the Festival “Amplitude” are looking forward to a unique project “Meeting of two composers” – a musical dialogue between the Russian composer V.Martynov and his Latvian
colleague G.Pelitsis. The authors, living in different countries, will meet in Moscow in the context of the same theatrical and composer’s space.
Tickets: boxoffice of The Theatre Center «Na Strastnom» (Strastnoy boulevard, 8а, ph.: (495) 694-46-81), kontramaka.ru, parter.ru, ticketland.ru, concert.ru

The organizing committee of the Festival “Amplitude” - 8-906 045-63-69, 8-905 573-47-31, amplitudafest@mail.ru

World premiere of complete work
February 18, 2009
London Royal Festival Hall, United Kingdom
Vladimir MARTYNOV,
Opera VITA NUOVA More Info

The Monk Thogmey's Thirty-Seven Precepts - new disk of Anton Batagov is released More Info

The 1st International Festival of Joint Projects "Amplitude"
25th, 28th of September
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LONG ARMS FEST- 4 (2007) September 27-30, October 6-27 -- FOURTH presentation of the MAIN INTERNATIONAL VANGUARD FORUM OF TWO CAPITALS -- LONG ARMS in Moscow and APOSITION FORUM in St. Petersburg.
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10 April, 2007, concert In memory of Nick DMITRIEV

Dom Cultural Center
more info

13, 14 of November, 2006 Moscow Composers Orchestra on London Jazz Festival
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September 27 - October 4, Moscow, 2006
DOM Cultural Centre
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8, 9, 10 of July 2006 the play "Mozart and Salieri. Requiem" by Vladimir Martynov music.
14, 16, 17 of July the play "Song XXIII. Interment of Patrokl. Games" by Vladimir Martynov music
More Info

10th of April, 2006
Nick, we remember you...

A film about Nick Dmitriev is now available for download. The film was shown in 2004 on Russian Channel TV Culture
DivX (300 mb) download now

23d of November - 2nd of December, 2005
5 performances of "Unorthodox Chants" Project in UK and Belgium
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17th-19th of November, 2005 Festival in Tokyo in memory of Nick Dmitriev
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1st-10th of October 2005, Long Arms Festival - 2
in memory of Nick Dmitriev
see website

1st of July, 2004, 19:00


Kozitsky lane., house 5

metro Puschkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya
information - 299-2262

new music festival

in memory of Nick Dmitriev

from May 15 till 19
M.Nikitskaya str., 24

composers Martynov, Batagov, Karmanov, Aigi, Zagny, Pelecis, Rabinovich, Semzo, Glass, Dresher and others performers Tatiana Grindenko, Galina Muradova, OPUS POSTH ensemble, Anton Batagov, Sergei Zagny, Alexey Aigi, 4.33 ensemble, Tibor Semzo, GORDIAN KNOT ensemble, ALKONOST choir and others

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