DOM Cultural Center

08 October 2010

Zero Gravity Thinkers (USA) & Peter Principle (USA)
[experimental electronic]

Zero Gravity Thinkers (USA) is an ongoing collaboration of Peter Principle - prepared guitar, bass, synthesizer, Dok Gregory - theremin, synthesizer, sampler, Zemi 17 midi sax/sampler, synthesizer, saxophone. ZGT has created sound installations, music for dance and multimedia performances and soundtracks among their many recording projects and live sets. They have performed in locations as diverse as The Brooklyn Bridge, on Governors Island and along the East River as well as event spaces like the Issue Project Room, Chelsea Art Museum, Midway and Galapagos. For these fall 2010 performances ZGT will be presenting audio visual improvisations and compositions featuring Russian VJ Yuri Elik. Generating waves of improvisation exploring atmospheric sonic spaces and the limits of their chosen instruments of expression, ZGT is striving always towards a tangible transcendent experience through sound. Their music has been described as both strangely transportive and deeply psychedelic.

Peter Principle (USA) Best known for his 30+ year association with the pan-national multi-disciplined performance music group Tuxedomoon (extensively described in the 2008 book "Music For Vagabonds" by Isabelle Corbisier), he has composed, played on, recorded or produced 100s of published works within a wide spectrum of alternative music fields. His work has been featured in productions by Maurice Bejart and films by Wim Wenders, and resulted in his appearing with Jean Michel Basquiat in the Andy Warhol produced film "Downtown 81". Besides a number of critically acclaimed solo albums, he has coproduced art videos which have played from the Kitchen in NY to the Rijksarchive in Amsterdam. He has perfomed in venues across the spectrum from the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. At this tour Peter will present musique concrete composition named "Why I Stopped Watching Television".

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