DOM Cultural Center

04 September 2010

FAERD (Denmark - Sweden)
Peter UHRBRAND - скрипка (fiddle),
Jens ULVSAND - buzuki, guitar, vocal,
Eskil ROMME - sax, accordeon,
Jullie HJETLAND - vocal, DanishMusic Award "Singer of the year 2009"
[world music]

The Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow and Veresk Cultural Foundation are looking forward to seeing you at the Moscow concerts of Fжrd, a Scandinavian group that has brought the Faroese ballads to the contemporary scene. Started by two enthusiasts, Peter Uhrband (fiddle, violin) and Eskil Romme (saxophone, accordion), the group was joined later by Swedish bouzoъki player Jens Ulvsand. With his rock and jazz experience, the interplay between medieval and contemporary elements has become even more vibrant. Continuing Fжrd’s journey into the world of Nordic folk music, the concerts in Moscow will feature vocalist Jullie Hjetland, winner of the Danish Singer of the Year award in 2009.

More on Fжrd:
Jullie Hjetland on My Space:

Adults: 500 rub., students - 300 rub.

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