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08 February 2007

Stepanida BORISOVA (Yakutiya) - voice,
MARIO (Moldova) - percussion
[world music]

Stepanida Borissova was born in 1950 in the District of Megino-Khangalaas in the Siberian Republic of Yakutia. After her studies at the famous Shepjin School of Acting, she started in 1974 an acting carrier at the Ojunski-Sakha-Theatre.

She received, as well, the Ojunsky prize from the USSR and is a celebrated actress since this time. As a singer and performer Stepanida mastered many different styles of the traditional Sakha singing.

In the entire Russian Federation and abroad, Stepanida Borissova won her special place in the world of music mainly as a singer of "tojuks" (improvised, epic songs). Stepanida sings "ugadan kurduk" as a shaman. In Kamlania female shamans are considered more powerful than male shamans. Though it is difficult to prove, it is said that her voice has healed people.

With a unified work with other artists of her country she has been very important in the further developement of the Sakha culture. For this, she also is highly engaged in international projects with Hubl Greiner and Luigi Archetti (Hulu Project - since 1996) and Pavel Fajt (since 1998).

She has made many guest appearences in international Theatre from such countries as, Mexico, USA, Finnland, Germany, Japan, Poland, Norway, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Hongkong, Hungary, Great Britain and in the lands of the once USSR. In these countries she toured giving many concerts and has received international acclaim.

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