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13 October 2006


The three main Reutoff members - WoWa [BT], Arnold pR, and Mitya N have decided to make industrial music in summer 1998. Before that, they already played together in different projects of various styles with various names. All of them were born in small suburb of Moscow called Reutov where they still live nowadays. They think that there are plenty of unique, really magic places in the town and around, that forms a united sacral space which is able to stimulate creative activity like nothing else can.

During three and a half years of their activity on industrial scene the band have released 3 albums, a budget best-of compilation Prime, 7"es on Drone Records and Hau Ruck!, have participated in glorious compilation 10 Years Of Madness and recent Heilige Feuer compilation commemorating St. Petersburg first international industrial music festival where Reutoff played together with Deutsch Nepal, Sal Solaris, Der Blutharsch and Genocide Organ. 2002 will be fruitful for the band - two new full-length CDs will be released on Hau Ruck! and Indiestate, two new 10"es on the same labels, many international compilation appearances are forthcoming, Ernst Juenger tribute on Thaglasz and Maldoror tribute on Arcana Europa are to name a few that will see the daylight already this year. Two new ReuTRauM series releases are also planned. The more details are in the discography.

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